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The Blue Note Book

An upcoming book about Richard King's Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.

Transcriptions Underway!

Dar James

UPDATE: After the Noteworthy event and my visit to Columbia this past July, we had about 20 hours of really good audio. Right now, we are having this audio transcribed and edited to become the stories and essays of The Book. We are also working on the GoFundMe campaign to be launched in early 2016.


Photograph by John Trotter.

Photograph by John Trotter.

TIME CHANGE!! "Noteworthy" A Public Event for Blue Note Fans

Dar James

"Noteworthy" is a Public Event for Blue Note fans and friends, past and present. We will be gathering stories, memories and memorabilia for consideration in the upcoming book about The Blue Note. Join us Saturday, June 27, from 3:00-7:00 p.m. at The Rose Music Hall on Park Avenue, in Columbia, MO.