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About Dar's Dogs

Ezra & Ruby

Brown Dog and Brown Dog

It wouldn’t be Brown Dog Books without these two big, brown cuties.  When they play, they play big and often goes flying before I send them flying out the door!  When they misbehave, they steal food off the table, bark at all hours of the night and jump all over the guests.  But, when they are cute, well, you can see for yourself...they are SOOOOO cute!!!  Here are my two brown dogs, Ezra and Ruby.

Hi, I'm Ezra!


Oh, hi, oh hi! I’m so excited to see you! Hey, hi! It’s so great you’re here! I’m a chocolate lab, you see, and, gosh, I’m so happy to see you!

I’m the original Brown Dog, yesiree! Brown Dog Books is named after, you guessed it, ME!! I was such a cute puppy, Dar just couldn’t help but name her company after me! Hey, did I tell you how fun it is that you’re here! Oh, my golly, hi there!!! Hi! Hey, hi!

Whew... all that excitement wore me right out. I’m going to take a nap now. Snooooooore........

Ezra inspires a lot of funny poetry. Here are two poems my kids wrote about this brown dog:

A Poem by Ethan Hosta

Ezra is a giant chocolate bar
As he’s just so plump.
Ezra is a businessman,
He owns my mom’s whole company.
He’s also family.
But he can be just like me,
And I bet he can do better at everything.
He barks and jumps,
He’s Ezra.

My Dog
A Poem by Caleb Hosta

My dog was once not so big,
Now he's just as fat as a pig.
He doesn't have four good legs,
Sometimes I think he needs a peg.
He ran down the hill, fast as lightning.
In fact, you see, it was quite frightening.
He was running a race, down the hill.
We all yelled STOP! But he wouldn't hold still,
He was a crazy tornado that wouldn't stop,
And he only stopped when his leg went POP!
His leg, we learned, we could not fix.
It was as broken as a pile of sticks.
He chewed through his cast like it was a shoe,
And, well, it came right out in his poo.
Our only choice was to do nothing at all.

And all because of one nasty fall!


Hi, I'm Ruby!


I’m a German Shepherd! Wanna run after the school bus? How about the mail truck? A squirrel or the neighbor’s cat? OK, maybe some other time. Wow, I just love running!

I came to Brown Dog Books a couple years after Ezra. Dar found me on this wonderful website, PetFinder. I used to have another home, but it wasn’t a very nice place, so I’m glad I don’t remember it so well. But, hey, I sure like my new home with Ezra at Brown Dog Books!

I’m really smart, and I LOVE people food, so make sure you don’t ever leave your sandwich unattended...

Did you know you can rescue lots of great dogs just like Ruby at It's a great place to find a great pet who needs a great person just like you for their forever home.