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What is Animalization?


Pick an animal , add alliteration or rhyme, get a room full of friends to brainstorm with you and, then, see what kind of wonderful, whimsical word play magic can happen!


Animalization is a fun and funny collection of alliterations, rhymes and collage illustrations that all began in the writing and art workshops of Dar Hosta, in many different classrooms throughout the country. Full of the topics that delight children, this book offers up not only the spunky verse and colorful, illustrations that fans of Hosta have come to love, but a look at the way that word play can inspire and engage writers of all ages.

Anyone who appreciates rich language and word play-- including kids, parents, and teachers-- will cherish the pyrotechnics in Dar Hosta's lively and inventive new book! 
-Ralph Fletcher, author of PYROTECHNICS ON THE PAGE: Playful Craft That Sparks Writing (Stenhouse, 2010)


Animalization is a delightful treat for the eyes and ears! Clever alliteration and rhyming couplets, accompanied by fanciful collages, spring from each page. Children will enjoy hearing the verses read aloud and will be inspired to expand their vocabulary and stretch their imaginations to create their own poems.
-Cynthia Dollin, Ed.D., author of The ABCs of Literacy(Cumberland House, 2008)

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Ages 3-8, Hardcover ISBN 978-097219676-5, $17.95.