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"Luminous," 6x6" Original Painting


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Original (GOLDEN paints) acrylic on canvas originals by Dar James at special demo pricing—typical 12x12” is $350. Beautiful, rich colors and illuminating dot work details in an array of one-of-a-kind trees.

"Luminous," 6x6" Original Painting

sold out

"Luminous," 6x6" Original Painting


There is, perhaps, no leaf more beautiful and captivating than that of the Gingko. Glorious and so unique, it is an object of veneration, a sacred tree in many cultures, a symbol of many things... the unity of opposites, longevity, changelessness, power, hope, the immeasurable past and, of course, LOVE.

6x6” Original acrylic painting on cradled board and covered with infused resin.

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