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Doggie Do!

Doggie Do!

Doggie Do Cover.png

What is a dog? Furry friendship from a pair of loving eyes, a wet nose, a lolling tongue and a wagging tail...

What does a dog do? Step into Doggie Do! with author, collage artist and dog lover, Dar Hosta, for a colorful, rhyming clebration of all things canine. Dozens of dogs in all shapes, colors and sizes are doing doggie things in this fun and frisky picture book dedicated to our favorite, furry friends.

From mealtime to dreamtime, on beaches, in parks, cities and backyards, dogs bring us joy because of all the things they DO!


Warning: this book is not about dog poop. Rather, it’s a pleasant homage to the pups in our lives. Hosta uses brightly colored collage work to follow the routines of dozens of dogs as they romp through a day of chewing, fetching, sleeping, howling, and more. The rhymes are simple and sweet... Young listeners will no doubt take these suggestions to heart, transforming them into spastic dances and demonstrations of barking prowess. In an afterword, Hosta defines them as togetherwords, “a cool, made-up word that is two other words squished together to make a new, silly word that no one has ever heard of yet!” It’s a concept that has the makings of a book in its own right.

Purchase through Etsy or Amazon.

Booksellers and Libraries may order from Baker & Taylor, Follett BRODART, BWI or directly from Brown Dog Books. Please contact us for terms if you are interested in placing a wholesale order with Brown Dog Books directly from Brown Dog Books.

Ages 3-8, Hardcover ISBN 97809721967-4-1