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Paint Party at DIG Yoga!

Come play with color and shape... spend an inspirational evening with kindred spirits!

Come play with color and shape... spend an inspirational evening with kindred spirits!

Join artist/illustrator/educator, and Dig member, Dar Hosta James, for a special pre-holiday, creative experience at Dig Yoga.

So, you don’t consider yourself an artist but you know that you have a spark of creativity inside you that is dying to get out?

Do you like to play with things like paper, paint and pens?

Would you like to disconnect from your daily tasks and take a moment to answer the call of your heart and soul?

"Stained Glass Trees"

Trees are a symbol of life, of family, of love and of knowledge (and a yoga pose!), and they inspire human beings for their majestic beauty which connects us to this planet. This is a painting class for artists and non artists at all ability levels. Using acrylic paints on canvas, participants will create a gorgeous, finished tree painting by exploring intuitive painting techniques and the use of negative space.

Your 12x12" painting will be created on a pre-primed, stretched canvas with acrylic paints and inks. We will use finger-painting, "graffiti," positive and negative space. We will experiment with a variety of tools and mark-making.

My workshops are designed for all skill levels! No art experience necessary, just curiosity! I teach a technique, rather than how to copy my example. We work together on pieces you will enjoy making and taking home with you to display in your home!

$75 includes all instructions and materials.

Register at by Clicking "Paint Party" under Upcoming Events.