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I Love the Night

I Love the Night

Bedtime story lovers, the magic of the night awaits you...

Children’s Book of the Month Selection, 2004 Teachers Choice Award,
2004 Borders Original Voices Selection.


Snuggle up with someone
snugly for this dreamy
narrative about the 
creatures of the night.

I Love The Night, the debut book written
and illustrated by collage artist,
Dar Hosta, is sure to delight children of
all ages with its brilliant colors and
lively depictions of nocturnal animals.

Come along, and let the nocturnal adventure begin!


High above the ground, in the heart of a beautiful and swampy rain forest, a small green frog with big red eyes is rousing from his daytime slumber, in the cradle of a leaf.

"I love the night," croaks the tiny tree frog. "It is so fabulously fabulous for calling to my companions and for creeping across the canopy."

But as the sky began to dim, there was a stirring and a scurrying,
a wiggling and a waking; and a whisper on the wind called out,
“I love the night...”


Conceived as a bedtime story
based on the author's own love
for nighttime imagery and folklore,
I Love The Night is the perfect
bedtime companion for young
children, particularly those
who feel a little apprehensive
about the night. Hosta's gentle
writing style and soothing collage
illustrations will make this a
picture book that you and your family
will come back to again and again.

I Love The Night is a delightful and original children’s picture book remarkably enhanced with unique, paper collage creations... especially recommended for children ages 3 to 8.
-Midwest Book Review

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Ages 3-8, Hardcover ISBN 97809727967-0-3, $16.95