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Mavis & Her Marvelous Mooncakes

Mavis & Her Marvelous Mooncakes


Some people say that the moon is made of cheese, but Miss Mavis Sugar and her friends know a sweet little secret... the moon is made of CAKE!

Join Mavis Sugar, a lovable striped, orange cat in a colorful, contemporary folktale about lunar phases. Miss Mavis is mixing up something marvelous just for you! Dar Hosta’s vibrant collages will delight your eyes and her rollicking rhymes and alliteration are a delicious recipe for a fun and engaging read.

In a happy little house,
on a grassy green hill,
by a gentle blue lake,
on the sunny side of town
lives a striped, orange cat
whose name is Miss Mavis Sugar...

Hosta’s latest is an imaginative feast about the moon and its many phases. The gentle cats and forest animals celebrating the moon may be just the ticket to dreamland, if one doesn’t mind the sugar.

-Kirkus Reviews

Children may not realize there’s a science lesson wrapped in the fancy, but they’ll be enamored by the story and the inventive artwork. Crowded with all sorts of intriguing and endearing items and filled with stars and touched by moonlight, this picture book charms more with each turn of page.


Includes Moon Fact Page with scientific names for lunar phases!

Mooncake, mooncake is so nice!
Now, don’t you wish you had a slice?

Booksellers and Libraries may order from Baker & Taylor, Follett BRODART, BWI or directly from Brown Dog Books. Please contact us for terms if you are interested in placing a wholesale order with Brown Dog Books.

Purchase through Etsy or Amazon.

Ages 3-8, Hardcover ISBN 97809721967-2-7, $17.95.

BOOKSELLERS/LIBRARIES: Baker & Taylor, Follett, Brodart, BWI