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"Wondrous" Tidepool

Tidepool & Botanical Minis

Resin miniatures; bold patterns and visually stimulating pops of color perfect for displaying in groups or independently.

"Wondrous" Tidepool

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"Wondrous" Tidepool


What is a Tidepool? Tidepools are magical, acrylic confections I make that are inspired by rocks and stones in water. They begin as a cradled birch board that I prime with either white or black gesso and, then, backgrounds are are a combination of several layers of finger painting and transparent drips and splashes until they resemble a watery oasis. After I select colors for each Tidepool, I embark on a methodical and meditative series of circles, each one building on the next, and including a wide array of vibrant colors as well as iridescent and sparkly specialty acrylics. I add dots, yes one by one, using a small specialty tool and smaller dots, yes one by one, and thin lines with a calligraphy pen. The final layer is a glossy pour of torched resin infused with fine, metallic glitter and iridescent powders. The result is like a glassy, pool full of jewels.đź’™

There are no two alike… they do not get made into reproductions… they are truly one of a kind pieces that can be hung on the wall or set upon a shelf or a table. Each one comes with its own name, collected from the pages of old poetry books and novels. Namaste!

Squares are 6x6”, Rectangles are 4x8”

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